Cliché Post / Fresh Start

I did not realize how difficult a fresh start would be until I failed. To be exact until I failed four times. From the moment I decided, I had outgrown my old blog, which I had started when I was about 14, it was a constant struggle. Should I move sites? What exactly did I want to blog about? How the hell does Wordpress work? First I started all over with Tumblr with two blogs. I wasn't sure whether the topics I wanted to write and post about would fit into one blog. When I Tumblr drove me to despair. I started anew on WordPress I came to a dead end even more quickly. So back to Tumblr I crawled. But tonight after a long and talk with the boyfriend I realized it still wasn't right. So here I am trying for the fifth time hoping this time it will go not as planned, cause there is no plan, but just well.