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This is a post about affordable underwear, that is ethically produced, organic and fair. All very basic for your everyday wear. I think for most people neutral underwear will be the most sustainable choice to begin with cause you don’t have to worry too much about any crazy lace showing through your clothes if you’re conscious about that. Just so you know, all of the Bras are without padding cause that’s just how I like them!

Organic Basics

Starting off with a nude pair by organic basics which you can actually buy in a set that comes with two panties as well. Organic Basics kindly gifted me this pair to test for them, and so far I have really enjoyed wearing them. The bra has a lot of coverage for a triangle style since the fabric continues under your arms and since the band is very wide, which offers extra boobie-support. While I’m not the biggest fan of thongs, I found these to be very comfortable and the perfect companion for white pants! 🍑You can get your set HERE.*




This little black number is a very comfy one, especially the bra. It is also a triangle shape but with a little less support and structure to it, which is why it's so comfy. The pants offer a little more coverage than you may usually get which I think is nice. The only downside is that I think the fit could be a bit better on my body. Since they’re made of nice thick cotton, they don’t sit on your body as naturally as the synthetic fabric most underwear comes in. So that needs some getting used to. That being said, the material feels very nice on the skin and is super breathable.


  • comes in sizes 70A - 85C

  • comes in three colours: black, white and rose

  • made of 92% organic cotton and 8% elastane

  • a set of one bra (25€) and two pants (19€) is 44€



I have been a big fan of Everlane for a while now, so I was really intrigued when they also launched underwear. The shape of this bra is very similar to what you would expect from a sports bra. The fit and support this gives is really nice and makes your boobs look great! What I’ll have to say though is that the elastic band is very sturdy, which can make you feel a bit restricted after lunch I’d say 😅, but maybe this will go with wear. The pants fit amazingly, are super comfortable and a perfect everyday no-brainer!


  • comes in sizes XXS - XL

  • comes in seven colours: black, white, grey, pale pink, peach, red and lilac

  • made of 92% Supima cotton and 8% elastane

  • the bra is 19€ and a set of three pants is 24€


Grüne Erde

This white set is also made of thicker cotton, like the hessnatur one but I think the pants have a much better fit, plus they are super comfy. This bra is an interesting one since it has wiring for extra support but without any metal, which makes it much more comfortable than your usual bra. It gives a really nice shape and support and is pretty darn comfortable considering it’s wired. I think its an especially good fit with thin blouses and the like!


  • comes in sizes 75A - 90C

  • currently only comes in white

  • made of 92  % cotton kbA and 8 % elastane

  • the bra is 30€ and a set of two pants is 23€


erlich Textil

erlich textil has been very prominent on social media over the last year, and I finally decided to give their underwear a go. I picked two different styles a triangle bralette and a bustier kind of style. I personally liked the triangle bralette a little more in the way it sits on your body. But if you sometimes have a problem with your boobies not wanting to stay in place, as I do, the bustier style might be a good choice as well! In contrast to all of the other sets in this post, these are made of modal, which makes them super soft and silky. However, I was a bit disappointed after the first wash. Unfortunately, the material apparently bobbles up really quickly and doesn’t stay as smooth as one would hope. Also, they don’t unhook in the back. Instead, you just pull them over hour head. So do bear that in mind. Still, they are very comfy, and it's interesting to see brands experiment with new sustainable materials.



  • comes in sizes 34 - 42

  • comes in three colours: black, white, beige and grey

  • made of 90% modal and 10% elastane

  • the bras are 20€ and a set of three pants is 40€