Quote / Architecture

“Outside the Netherlands, architecture is more resolutely, as it has been since Vitruvius. […] The built affirmation Of Social, economic and political power. Architectural experimentation usually took place outside of this canon, either in less important buildings or in utopian projects. In these neighbouring countries, architecture remained the mask of money and power. There it still resides in the places where power accumulates itself into physical proper and luxury, or is exercised, whether this is in palaces or churches or, more recently, office buildings and private homes. The 'purest’ architecture often takes place where power appears nakedly, as in bunkers and treasuries; where it is memorialized through monuments to great men and deeds; where it is sublimated into the luxurious enjoyment of its fruits, as in cultural institutions; Or where it draws its subjects into it to be educated or enlightened according to the standards it sets.”

- Aaron Betsky and Mariet Willinge, Living in the Low Lands, Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam